Examination: Week 3

This week we conducted more in-depth laser cutting tests. We focused on creating a live hinge by laser cutting horizontal lines that flowed with the bamboo grain to create a bendable hinge. From an efficiency stand point, relying on the laser cutter for two hundred units is not ideal.

On the bright side, we began the the process of making prototypes! Each student is to make their own prototype out of the Plyboo material. As a group, we will review the manufacturing capabilities, as well as the marketability of each prototype. This process is crucial for how the rest of the term will proceed while fabricating the products. Friday, February 3rd, both student groups will be collectively voting on a prototype to be produced by the end of the term.

As of today, there are a handful of ideas and designs that are solid, in terms of design and process, but we are waiting for the prototypes to be completed. From wine racks, wallets, coat racks and travel cases; we are so close to having a final decision for the product launch!