Formation: Week 1

Oregon State University (OSU) and the University of Oregon (UO) now have a new thing in common: Plyboo. In this experimental collaborative class, students from both universities will come together to brainstorm a product that will be created using Plyboo. Smith & Fong Company donated a generous amount of laminated ply composed of bamboo. Our team is comprised of a broad spectrum of backgrounds that include the Renewable Materials program from OSU and the Department of Product Design from UO.

The first group Meet n’ Greet took place at the end of week one during the winter term and was an utter success filled with enthusiasm to get started. OSU students visited UO Product Design's new Olive street space and the collaboration started to take shape. Both groups left feeling like they had a stellar team ready to design, manufacture, and distribute a Plyboo product to the local market. Stay tuned for the product teasers & launch!