Two Universities, One Project: 

The University of Oregon's Department of Product Design and Oregon State University's Renewable Materials Program are pleased to bring you Avery Wood Products. We are a collaborative class aiming to design, prototype, and produce an outstanding product. This year our project demands our best efforts to create a brand, product, and teams dedicated to using Plyboo; an eco-advantage product from Smith and Fong Company. Together we are a team of advantageous creators and innovators, given an extraordinary opportunity to incorporate our diverse skills, backgrounds, and areas of study to take on a real world entrepreneurial excursion. 

Our Material:

We will be utilizing a sustainable bamboo product called Plyboo, generously donated by Smith & Fong Company for our 10-week project, this material is an award-wining architectural-grade natural bamboo based laminated ply.

OSU Renewable Materials

The College of Forestry's Renewable Materials program is categorized into three concentrations: Marketing and Management, Science and Engineering, and Art and Design. These three areas of study allow for the diverse ideation, creativity, and business strategies to be utilized in the wood science industry. Eight OSU students within the Renewable Materials Program are currently investing their diversified backgrounds into this project with the combined understanding of the science and anatomy of the Plyboo material, as well as concentrated studies of application.

UO Product Design

In the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, the Department of Product Design focuses on innovation, ideation, and the creation of products from their concept to their final form. Integrating theories from science, mathematics, art, architecture, and design disciplines students focus on designing products based on aesthetics, function, and impact on the earth and consumers. There are a total of sixteen UO Product Design seniors engaged in The Plyboo Project.