The Smith and Fong company was founded in 1989. Their headquarters are based in San Francisco, CA, where in 1996 they were the first to introduce bamboo plywood to the American market. Their vision was to introduce the unique opportunities and solutions that bamboo could provide, with the applied understanding of the social and environmental challenges that our world is facing. Their initial ideation for their product and company is the foundation for the upcoming project in Avery Wood Products, finding a balance between aesthetically pleasing and practical use. They have been innovators in the use and application of bamboo laminated materials. Under the branding Plyboo, Smith & Fong Company products and distributes bamboo plywood, flooring, lumber, and veneer as well as prefabricated wall and ceiling panels for interior architectural applications. They are committed to sustainability as well as healthy indoor environments. Plyboo products are available throughout North America and globally through their distribution partnerships. For further information, please visit or call toll-free at 866-835-9859.