Who was Joseph Avery?

Joseph C. Avery, born June 9th 1817, was one of the original inhabitants of what we now know as Corvallis, Oregon. Avery was the first postmaster for the community and eventually served as a legislator in the Provisional Government of Oregon.

Avery went on to have 12 children with his wife, Martha Marsh, before eventually passing away in 1876.

Why is this important?

Legend has it that one of Joseph Avery's daughters, Florence Avery, is responsible for planting many of the trees currently standing on Oregon State University's campus.

However, one of her beloved trees is no longer there. In 2015 a beautiful and historic black walnut tree, (a hybrid between Juglans nigra and J. californica) collapsed. The death of the tree sparked the birth of a beautiful idea. And that was the moment that Avery Wood Products was born. 

In honor of Joseph and Florence Avery, the Oregon State College of Forestry decided to host a class that would salvage the wood from the fallen tree and challenge students to turn it into a product that could be sold. 

Since its genesis, the class has evolved from creating products out of walnut to a creative collaboration between Oregon State University's Renewable Materials Program and University of Oregon's Department of Product Design.

Together, we are proud to put forth our collective efforts under the great name of Joseph C. Avery.